Frequently asked questions


  • What kind of projects can be presented?
    There is no restriction regarding the type of project, nor in the status in which it is in, although the integration with the MASMOVIL Group as a whole must be clearly defined. It is important that there is a team dedicated to the project, can, and will benefit of the advantages that MASventures can offer you.
  • Is it necessary for the project/business to be operating commercially?
    Not being an essential requirement, there must be the capacity to prepare a pre-commercial pilot with the MASMOVIL Group during the Program.
  • At what stages should the projects be?
    At a minimum, they must be projects with an MVP already defined, that are in a growth stage and in search of new opportunities.
  • What benefits does MASventures offer?
    The selected projects will receive the following benefits:
  • Implementation of a pilot with MASMOVIL
    • Joint work to define, and implement a pilot in real test environments to be defined with the technical and / or operational team of MASMOVIL Group.
    • Collaboration with the operational departments to integrate the Project within the MASMOVIL Group.
  • Investment Possibility
    • The MASMOVIL and Inveready Group have allocated funds to invest in projects that fit their portfolio and have been successful in the acceleration phase. The investment conditions will be jointly agreed between Investor and Invested.
  • Demoday
    • Opportunity to present the results of the Project in the Final Demoday of the Program, maximizing the visibility of the same.



  • When can I submit my project?
    At any time, we perform a continuous assessment of candidate projects.
  • How can the project be submitted?
    In order to participate in the Program, the application must be sent to the e-mail:
  • Will the information provided be treated confidentially?
    Yes, those involved in the evaluation and selection process will treat the information provided exclusively for the purpose of the evaluation of the project. The “DATA PROTECTION” section of the Legal Bases of the program specifies the details of the treatment of the information provided and how to exercise the ARCO rights of the participants.
  • Is it necessary to have a business plan?
    It is not necessary to submit the business plan. Nevertheless, in order to evaluate the project it is necessary to have analysed the viability of the project as a whole as well as the possible integration with the MASMOVIL Group.
  • What are the criteria for choosing projects?
    The criteria that will be used to evaluate the projects presented are the following:

    • Criteria for creativity and innovation
      • Advances in technology development.
      • Degree of innovation and differentiation of the business model compared to the existing competition.
    • Criteria referring to the entrepreneurial team
      • Clear competencies and capabilities for business success.
      • Team background.
      • Knowledge of the industry and/ or scope of the Project.
      • Commitment and dedication of the team with the Project.
    • Business criteria
      • Potential market and possibilities for growth and profitability in relation to the telecommunications market or complementary activities in a broad sense.
      • Expected return, additional investment and risk analysis.
      • Marketing method.
    • Economic impact and scope of the Project
    • International projection
  • Will MASventures cover my transportation and accommodation expenses during the acceleration program in the event that I do not live in Madrid?
    No. MASventures will not cover the travel expenses nor the accommodation in Madrid of the participants during the duration of the program. However, a 1-day in-person dedication is expected every 15 days during the 4 months of the program.
  • Should my company assign a percentage of participation to Grupo MASMOVIL in the case of belonging to MASventures?
    No. MASMOVIL does not require participation in the companies of the projects that will accelerate in MASventures within the framework of participation in the program. After the Program, the possibility of investment by MASMOVIL and / or Inveready will be studied and all the conditions of the investment process will be jointly agreed between Investor and Invested.